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​Autumn: A day of Yoga, Ayurvedic food and Writing

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Join Yoga teacher Sarah Jane Smith, Ayurvedic Chef Kari Mathieson and writer Claire
Sicherman for a day of seasonally inspired yoga, food and writing at beautiful Golden Tree
Farm on Salt Spring Island. 

As the world around us changes over the course of the year so do we. You may notice
overarching themes connected to each season that inspire different ways of moving, eating
and being. Our  seasonally inspired one day retreats focus on balancing
the elements that are dominant in each season with appropriate yoga postures, breath
work and meditation, seasonally balanced foods and journaling inspiration.

Outline of the day
Arrival and welcome circle
2 hour seasonal practices session including all levels Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (breath work), Meditation and Mantra
Balance the elements in your food -  Ayurvedic cooking demonstration
Lunch - Seasonally inspired Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch
Write From Within: a Yin Yoga and Journaling Practice
Closing circle

Details of the day

Autumn Seasonal Practices session with Sarah Jane
We can allow our yoga practice to change over the course of the year as a way to connect with nature and the world around us and ultimately ourselves.
In the Autumn, we look to grounding and calming practices, in the winter we take deep rest but practice with the idea of moving stagnation and in Spring we catch the wave of inspiration that is present with more creative movement, in summer we may be more extroverted and playful while still staying in balance with our foundation. Practice include Asana (yoga postures), Pranayama (breath work), Abhyanga (self massage), Meditation and Mantra.
This session is presented in an all levels style with options to build on the foundational postures for those who are more experienced.

Sarah Jane teaches yoga at her home based studio – the Nest hot yoga. Since her initial 500 hour training with Modo yoga in 2010, she has continued to study and build her knowledge and skill as both a student and teacher of yoga completing over 1500 hours of training and teaching over 3300 classes. In Sarah Jane’s classes you can expect variety with purpose, alignment based instruction, opportunities to explore, individualized verbal instruction and modifications, invitations into self awareness and discovery, challenge, breath awareness, seasonally themed intentions and looooong savasanas. Go here to read a more detailed biography.

Lunch and Ayurvedic cooking workshop with Kari
Kari will prepare for us a nourishing and beautiful seasonally inspired lunch. She will also offer an Ayurvedic cooking demo, sharing with us some simple seasonal recipes we can bring into our kitchen and our daily lives to support a calm , stable, clear and balanced mind and body. According to Ayurveda, 'Sattva' is the essential energy of the mind, clear space of truth, contentment and stability.  Sattva can be preserved through the foods we choose to eat and the way we prepare them. You will receive recipes to take home, information on Sattvic practices and some inspiration for deeper self care and nourishment.

Kari Mathieson is a vegetarian chef, specializing in healing whole food and Ayurvedic inspired cooking for yoga and meditation retreats. She also offers creative cooking classes to inspire healthy wholesome eating and lifestyle to seekers on a path of healing and self discovery. Check out her website at

Write From Within: a unique combination of yin yoga and journaing with Claire and Sarah Jane
Yin Yoga is slow paced style where the postures are held for longer periods of time to create a moderate stress on the connective tissues of the body with the aim to improve circulation, joint health and flexibility. We use bolsters and blocks for support to encourage a deep physical surrender. This slow approach is inherently meditative and encourages quiet self reflection, self compassion and relaxation. 
We lay the foundation of openness in our bodies to let held emotions arise with the yin postures and then we journal with writing prompts. These prompts are designed to guide and support the process of releasing emotion we hold in our bodies. Within the container of practice, we provide a safe space to explore sensations and allow for connection, reflection and sharing of writing, if desired.

Claire Sicherman is the author of Imprint: A Memoir of Trauma in the Third Generation. She facilitates a Journaling Circle on Salt Spring Island, which is part of a multi-generational writing project called Home Words. Claire is interested in exploring how we hold trauma and emotions in our bodies and self-regulation techniques. She has recently completed teacher training programs in Trauma Informed and Yin Yoga.

Registration is limited to 15 participants and is an investment of $120.

Please bring a blanket, bolster or firm pillow, a pair of cotton socks, a water bottle, journal and pen.
We will be sitting on the floor throughout the day. There will be a few chairs available for those who want them. 

This one day retreat is open to all levels of yoga experience from beginners to intermediate practitioners. No previous writing experience is necessary.
If you have any questions about the retreat or are wondering whether this offering is suitable for you, please email us.